To contact Ernie Shell call him directly at 208-504-9370.

Ernie Shell

CRM Agent Ernie Shell


With over twenty years of experience with Social Security, Disability, and Medicare; Ernie Shell is the founder and owner of Advocates for the Disabled. A graduate of Brigham Young University, he has helped thousands of people in the Treasure Valley navigate through the complex world of government insurance programs. Since disabled individuals often require special options and assistance with their insurance needs, Ernie stands well-prepared to help disabled individuals get the benefits they deserve. Understanding that no single insurance is correct for everyone, he has joined CRM Group to ensure the best Medicare options for his clients.

After graduating from Nampa High School (yes, he’s THAT Ernie), he has gone on to become an author, Japanese speaker, chicken wrangler, tuba player, husband, and father to six precocious children (who seem to be growing up too fast).

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Nampa, ID

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Ask Me About


I spend most of my time helping people with Medicare so I’m well-versed in navigating it’s ins and outs. I can guide you through the process so that you have the coverage that you need.

Retirement Income

If you’re retiring, you may not be able to rely on normal investing to provide an income once you’re no longer working. There are multiple ways we can work together to maintain financial stability during your retirement years.

Life Insurance/Final Expense

Life can be unexpected, and can also end just as unexpectedly. Having a protection plan in place can ensure that your family isn’t burdened with anything other than the grief of losing you.

Income Protection

If you had a machine in your garage that was printing $20 every hour for you (legally), would you insure it in case it broke down? Your job income works the same way. If you become disabled, injured, or sick, I can make sure your income is protected so your expenses can still be paid in the event of an accident.

Long-Term Care

People usually don’t think about needing Long-Term Care Insurance until it is too late. Medicare does not cover Long-Term Care, and state help will only cover it after you’ve spent down your assets. Having a policy in place protects your assets and helps to pay for Long-Term Care if the need ever arises.

Dental & Vision

Whether you need a filling or just a routine eye exam, I can help you find Dental and Vision coverage best suited to your needs!

Ancillary Insurance

If you run the risk for a heart attack or stroke, or you want peace of mind for your hospital coverage, I can help you with a variety of ancillary insurance:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Attack and Stroke
  • Disability
  • Hospital Indemnity
  • Etc.