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I am able to help with a wide variety of companies and plans in every state! Whether you're looking for a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare Supplement, or Prescription Drug Plans, click on the button below to shop for the options available to you!

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I specialize in Medicare Insurance products and educating you on all things Medicare. I can help with Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements, and Prescription Drug Plans from a variety of companies in multiple states. Rest assured, you are in good hands for all your Medicare needs!

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With over twenty years of experience with Social Security, Disability, and Medicare; Ernie Shell is the founder and owner of Advocates for the Disabled. A graduate of Brigham Young University, he has helped thousands of people in the Treasure Valley navigate through the complex world of government insurance programs. Since disabled individuals often require special options and assistance with their insurance needs, Ernie stands well-prepared to help disabled individuals get the benefits they deserve. Understanding that no single insurance is correct for everyone, he has joined CRM Group to ensure the best Medicare options for his clients. After graduating from Nampa High School (yes, he’s THAT Ernie), he has gone on to become an author, Japanese speaker, chicken wrangler, tuba player, husband, and father to six precocious children (who seem to be growing up too fast).

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