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I am able to help with a wide variety of companies and plans in every state! Whether you're looking for a Medicare Advantage Plan, Medicare Supplement, or Prescription Drug Plans, click on the button below to shop for the options available to you!

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Medicare Insurance Broker

I specialize in Medicare Insurance products and educating you on all things Medicare. I can help with Medicare Advantage Plans, Medicare Supplements, and Prescription Drug Plans from a variety of companies in multiple states. Rest assured, you are in good hands for all your Medicare needs!

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ACA (Individual)
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Life Insurance
Property & Casualty Insurance
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Why am I an agent?

Coming from an education background, Mason's primary goal is to make sure that the material being introduced is understood thoroughly by the recipient. The world of Medicare insurance has under its umbrella a seemingly endless amount of contradictory information. His endgame is to help all clients thoroughly understand plans and solutions that work for them based on their needs, and not merely be another nameless cog in the insurance machine. He's here to get you the confidence that you know what your plan and benefits are and to help you stay on top of things!

About Me

Mason loves to learn, teach and connect with others who share similar interests. He enjoys spending time with his family, listening to and playing music, reading books, watching movies, and competing in shooting sports events.

Accomplishments & Credentials

  • Public High School Educator, 4 years
  • Bachelor's of Science, History and Education - Utah Valley University
  • Achieved rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America

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